August 21, 2015

Do You Hear What I Hear??? Peep! Peep! Peep!

The chicks have arrived!!

I ordered 80 male Cornish Cross birds.....

The post office called me at 8AM
just as I had finished setting up
the water and food. 

This is what I came home with!! 

The box has 4 compartments that held 
20 chicks in each one!

Happy little peepers running all
around eating and drinking and
being merry!

August 13, 2015


Check out the pollen on her legs!
BUSY bee for sure!

Honey bee in flight!

It won't be long now until we open the hives
and take out some frames of honey!

There's NOTHING like fresh
harvested honey!!

I can't wait!

Plum Crazy

Plums, plums everywhere... .and lots and lots to figure out!! 
We planted two plum trees a few years ago... maybe even 8 or so years ago 
and now they have begun to fruit like crazy! 
Last year I had enough to make a batch or two of jelly... 
which came out delicious!! 
oh my word, we're gonna have lots more!

I've been researching ideas.... 
and I think I'm going to start with an 
Asian Plum Sauce 
and a Sweet & Spicy Plum Sauce 
and then my good ol' stand by, plum jelly!!! 
I might try making a plum leather or wine...
 but that will be a decision for another day!! 
For now... I just gotta get picking and 
get started on SOMETHING!! 

July 8, 2015

Shiitake Mushrooms 2015

It's that time of year again! This is our 4th season of growing Shiitake mushrooms... the first year was experimental and we enjoyed them and shared with a few friends! Our second year and third year we grew and sold some in farmer's markets and also put some up for ourselves!

We are taking a slower approach this year to a lot of things....  Pete is soaking logs a few at a time and our harvest is coming in at a pace much easier to keep up with! Phew...

Check out these lovely mushrooms!

 Above is the log yard....  where we keep the logs stacked
similar to Lincoln Logs waiting their turn to be soaked.

Pete is holding a log with mushrooms ready to be harvested!

After the logs are soaked for roughly 12 hours, they are 
stood up and leaned until they grow mushrooms ready to
be picked! Then they are brought in for us to clean, eat, 
sell or prepare for storage!

These are the delicious Shiitake mushrooms!

All cut up and ready to dehydrate! Recommended
temperature is 90* for 2-3 hours and then 125* for 
an additional 4-7 hours. When they are firm and 
not longer spongy they are done!!

I like to store ours in mason jars and then use
my Food Saver with the mason jar attachment 
to seal air tight until ready for use!